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Redeem old French Francs

100 F = 0.01019 GBP

type A

payout currency

100 F = 0.01528 GBP

type B

Did you know that you can still redeem old French Franch banknotes? Any Banque de France paper money in your drawers is still exchangeable: Simply use our quick and easy online exchange service, free of charge, and receive cash for your old French money.

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Provisional Issue (1938) and Union Française banknotes put into circulation in June 1945

billet 300 trois cent french francs clement serveau ceres type 1938 undated banque de france

100 F = 0.01528 GBP

type B

exchange value of these notes:

  • In 1938, political tensions in Europe grew. Under treath of war, the Banque de France printed provisional notes to be placed in reserve in its vaults.
  • The 1938 Provisional Issue consisted of banknotes in only two denominations:
    • 300 trois cents French Francs type Clement Serveau, image of Ceres, godess of fertility and agriculture
    • 3000 trois mille French Francs, uniface with a simple design, printed on green paper, cheque paper size, with watermark
  • The 300 French Franc banknotes were only put into circulation in 1945. The 3000 Francs bills were never put into circulation.
  • On 4 Juin 1945, the French Government decided that all banknotes worth 50 Frencs and more should be exchanged for the notes held in reserve.
  • The French public had 12 days to exchange all their old banknotes (50 F and more) to these banknotes of 300 F and 5000 F type Union Française.
  • The 5000 Franc "billet Union Française", also known as "Empire Français" was printed from 1942 already, but only entered circulation in June 1945.
  • The 300 Franc banknotes were withdrawn in 1950. The 5000 Franc notes expired in 1948.
  • We still accept these old French Francs for exchange, this also applies for the 3000 trois mille French Francs banknote.
  • If you have old French Franc provisional banknotes like these, exchange them using our online exchange service. It's quick and easy.
  • To redeem your old French Franc paper money: Fill out our exchange form

French Franc banknotes issued during World War II in France: Vichy France

100 F = 0.01019 GBP

type A

exchange value of these notes:

french money during world war II WWII 5 cinq francs banknote shepherd with walking stick woman and flowers berger banque de france 1943 1947
  • These are banknotes issued during the Vichy France regime, officially the French State (État français), during World War II.
  • In 1941, the Chief of the French State, Philippe Pétain, ordered that the previous Banque de France (BDF) banknote series should be replaced.
  • Instead of allegories and mythological figures, the new banknotes portrayed professions, family values and historical figures:
    • 5 cinq french francs: Pyrenean shepherd (berger), woman and flowers on back. This banknote is the smallest French note ever issued.
    • 10 dix french francs: Miners, mother and young child on back
    • 20 vingt french francs: Breton Fisherman, 2 women and child on back
    • 100 cent french francs: René Descartes, philosopher, angel on back
    • 500 cinq cents french francs: Jean-Baptiste Colbert, politician, sailing ships and docks on back
    • 1000 mille french francs: Demeter with child, bronze statue of Mercury against panorama of Rouen on back
  • These banknotes circulated in 1941, 1942, 1943 and 1944. The banknotes of 5F, 10F, 20F and 50 Francs continued to circulate until 1950-1951.
  • The 100F, 500F and 1000F bills lost their legal tender value after the exchange operation of 4 June 1945.
  • We still accept these old French Francs for exchange, against the exchange rate displayed above.
  • If you have old Vichy France money like these banknotes, exchange them using our quick and easy online exchange service.
  • To redeem your old WWII French Franc paper money: Fill out our exchange form

Redeem your old French Franc paper money notes:
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French Franc Banknotes that you can redeem:

  • banknote 5 old French Francs
  • banknote 10 old French Francs
  • banknote 20 old French Francs
  • banknote 50 old French Francs
  • banknote 100 old French Francs
  • banknote 300 old French Francs
  • banknote 500 old French Francs
  • banknote 1000 old French Francs
  • banknote 3000 old French Francs
  • paper money Vichy France (État français)
  • French Francs from World War II
  • WW2 Banque de France banknotes

Exchange services we can provide:

  • We redeem any old French Franc notes you have: convert your old F to EUR, GBP or USD
  • We also exchange Vichy France money issued in World War II by the French State under Pétain
  • We can redeem your French WWII money
  • If you have any more questions about how to exchange your French Francs, let us know via the contact form.

Exchange expired old French Francs for Euros, pounds or dollars

Did you discover some old French Franc banknotes? We let you redeem your old French paper money for cash in a currency of your choice: Euros, Sterling or US Dollars.

The banknotes on this page are all from the World War II era or earlier, and still they can be exchanged using our online exchange service.

We accept all old French paper money for exchange: That is a service you won't find anywhere else on the Internet. Did you know that the Banque de France no longer accepts any French Franc notes or coins for exchange? At LeftoverCurrency.com you can still redeem your old French paper money for cash, free of charge.

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