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old pre-euro Slovenian Tolarjev  banknotes

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1 SIT = 0.00248 GBP


Do you still have old Slovenian Tolarjev banknotes or other invalid pre-Euro currencies? Convert your leftover Slovenian Tolar currency from Slovenia to valid cash: Its quick and easy. We exchange all banknotes displayed below, free of charge.

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Apart from Slovenian Tolar banknotes, we also exchange the 1 Lipa banknote issued by the Banka Slovenije in 1989, at 1 Tolar per Lipa.


Exchange your old leftover Slovenian Tolarjev: we convert your legacy banknotes into valid funds


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Can I also exchange Slovenian Tolarjev coins?

Yes, go to the Slovenian coins page

Can I also exchange Slovenian Tolarjev banknotes not shown on this page?

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Exchange old Slovenian Tolarjev currency for dollars, pounds or Euros

Slovenian Tolarjev bank notes that we exchange

  • SIT banknotes 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 Tolarjev
  • SIT banknotes 100, 200, 500, 1000 Tolarjev
  • SIT banknotes 2000, 5000, 10000 Tolarjev
  • Ena 1 Lipa banknote Banka Slovenije
  • banknotes 0.50 Slovenian Tolarjev (1/2 SIT)
  • Republika Slovenija, Former Yugoslavia
  • Banka Slovenije BSI, Bank of Slovenia, Ljubljana
  • Tolar, Tolars, Tolarja, Tolarjev, Thaler, Dollar
  • replaced Yugoslav Dinar
  • Stotin, stotins, stotinov
  • leftover banknotes from Slovenia, paper money
  • Legacy currencies of Europe: the Slovenian Tolar
  • bee banknote, Triglav mountains
  • Slovene, Slovenian banknotes
  • obsolete banknotes: Slovenian Tolar

Slovenian Tolar currency facts:

  • The Slovenian Tolar was Slovenia's currency from 1991 to 2007, when the Tolar was replaced by the Euro
  • "Tolar" is derivated from Dollar
  • The plural of Tolar is Tolarjev
  • The Yugoslavian Dinar preceded the Tolar. In 1989 a 1 Lipa banknote was also by the Banka Slovenije.
  • We accept both Tolar and Lipa banknotes for exchange

Did you stumble upon some expired Slovenian Tolarjev banknotes, invalid since 2007? Would you like to exchange your discontinued Slovenian Tolarjev paper money bills from the Slovenia for cash in a valid currency: Euros, pounds or dollars?

Converting expired invalid pre-Euro currencies, like Slovenian Tolars, is easy on leftovercurrency.com. Just fill out an exchange form and send it, along with your old legacy bank notes and coins, to leftovercurrency.com. We help you exchange your old obsolete Slovenian Tolarjev currency into valid cash.

Exchange your leftover foreign banknotes and coins from the Republic of Ireland and more than 35 other countries for valid funds on leftovercurrency.com. Banknotes or coins no longer in circulation can still be converted free of charge. Exchange your old Slovenian Tolarjev, Greek Drachmas, Czech Koruna, Swiss Francs and many more world currencies.

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