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1 ESP = 0.00364 GBP


Do you still have Spanish Peseta paper money or banknotes from other pre-Euro currencies? Convert your leftover Spanish Peseta currency from Spain to valid cash: Its quick and easy. We exchange all banknotes pictured below, free of charge.

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Exchange your old left over Spanish Pesetas:
we convert your old expired bank notes into valid cash


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Can I also exchange Spanish Peseta coins?

Yes, go to the Spanish coins page

Can I also exchange Spanish Peseta banknotes not shown on this page?

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Exchange old Spanish Peseta currency for dollars, pounds or Euros

Spanish Peseta bank notes we convert into cash:

  • bank note 1 Spanish Peseta (1 Pta)
  • bank note 5 Spanish Pesetas (5 Pta)
  • bank note 10 Spanish Pesetas (10 Pta)
  • bank note 25 Spanish Pesetas (25 Pta)
  • bank note 50 Spansh Pesetas (50 Pta)
  • bank note 500 Spanish Pesetas (500 Pta)
  • bank note 200 Spanish Pesetas (200 Pta)
  • bank notes 100 Spanish Pesetas (100 Ptas)
  • higher denomination Peseta paper money
  • ESP, Pta, Pt, Pts, Ptas, Pesetas
  • leftover banknotes holiday Ibiza, Tenerife, Menorca
  • travel money Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Barcelona
  • 1 una, 5 cinco, 10 diez, 25 veinticinco
  • 50 cincuenta, 100 cien, 500 quinientas, 1000 mil
  • 2000 dos mil, 5000 cinco mil, 10000 diez mil

Some facts about Spanish Pesetas:

  • Spain entered the Eurozone in 2002: the Euro replaced the Peseta as Spain's national currency
  • the Peseta sign is U+20A7
  • annulled Spanish Peseta notes can still be exchanged: we provide this service
  • Apart from Spain, Pesetas were also used in neighbouring mini state Andorra.

Have you found some expired Spanish Peseta banknotes, invalid since 2002? Would you like to exchange your invalid Spanish Peseta paper money bills from Spain or Andorra for cash in a valid currency: Euros, pounds or dollars?

Converting expired old pre-Euro currencies, like the Spanish and Andorran Peseta, is easy on leftovercurrency.com. Just fill out an exchange form and send it, along with your old leftover bank notes and coins, to leftovercurrency.com. We help you exchange your old obsolete Spanish Peseta currency into valid cash.

Exchange your leftover foreign banknotes and coins from Spain and more than 35 other countries for valid funds on leftovercurrency.com. Banknotes or coins no longer in circulation can still be converted free of charge. Exchange your old Spanish Pesetas, Andorran Pesetas, French Francs, Cypriot Pounds, Greek Drachmas, Turkish Lira and many more world currencies.

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