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TFL oyster card

Exchange your Oyster card for a cash refund

Do you have an Oyster card which you no longer use? Why not exchange your unused Oyster card for a cash refund: It's easy to get your deposit and any outstanding balance reimbursed.

Get cash for the deposit and those unused credits on your dormant TfL Oyster card. Simply send us any spare Oyster cards by post: We buy your old Oyster cards and pay you for the deposit and the remaining balance.

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Transport for London Oyster cards for which you can claim a refund

Any Oyster cards issued by Transport for London (TfL) are valid for a refund. The pictures below show the front and back side of the default Oyster card and the Oyster visitor card, a special Oyster card for tourists.

In addition to these Oyster cards, you can also claim a refund for all TfL commemorative Oyster cards, including those issued for the Royal Wedding, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the 150th Tube anniversary. the London 2012 Olympic Games and others.

How much money can I get reimbursed for my old Oyster card?

The value we will reimburse to you in exchange for your old Oyster card is based on this rate:

used left over oyster cards

payout currency

0.92000 paid per 1 value

The total payout for your Oyster card is based on the deposit and the remaining balance on your card:

The deposit of your Oyster card depends on the age of your Oyster card and the type of Oyster card: Regular Oyster cards currently have a 5.00 deposit. The visitor Oyster card has a 3.00 deposit. Older cards might have a lower deposit.

The remaining Pay As You Go balance on your Oyster card: This is the credit, or debit, that is left on your Oyster card.

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How do I exchange my old Oyster Card for cash?

To exchange your old Oyster Card, simply send your Oyster Card along with a filled out exchange form to our London office:

3rd Floor
207 Regent Street
London W1B 3HH
United Kingdom

Make sure you include the oyster card(s) and a filled out exchange form. Indicate on the form how many Oyster cards you want to exchange. Fill out your personal details and your preferred payment method. You do not need indicate how much credit is left on the card: We will verify this ourselves.

Upon receipt of your Oyster card, we will send you a confirmation email. This email contains the details about the value of the deposit and the remaining balance on your Oyster card. Allow 3-5 working days for the payment to be processed.

Available payout methods are bank transfer (to accounts in GBP or EUR), cheque (GBP only) and PayPal (all currencies).

We also exchange leftover coins and banknotes: Feel free to include any leftover travel money or foreign coins you want to exchange. Have a look at the list of currencies we exchange and their exchange rates.

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On the exchange form, you will find Oyster Cards in part A, banknotes, listed alphabetically, under Norwegian Krones.

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Get reimbursed for your dormant Oyster Card:
Transform unused Oyster credits to cash.

To proceed: Fill out the exchange form

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Are there any limitations?

In most cases we will be able to pay out a full refund. However in a few cases, limitations apply:

  • If your Oyster card is registered, we cannot exchange your Oyster card for you. You can claim a refund online via Transport for London.
  • If your Oyster card has a photo on it to identify the owner (e.g. Oyster student photo card).
  • If your remaining credit was paid for by different tender (e.g. cash and card), the maximum refund is 10.00. This is because of TfL's regulations.
  • If your remaining balance is a debit (negative value) and the combined value of deposit and balance is below 0.00.
  • If your Oyster card is damaged or broken.

The age of your Oyster card is not a factor: Oyster cards do not have an expiry date, which means you can claim a refund even if you have not used your Oyster card for many years. If you are unsure if any of these limitations applies to your Oyster card, feel free to contact us via the contact form.

Oyster cards valid for exchange:

  • Transport for London Oyster cards
  • Transport for London Oyster visitor cards
  • Transport for London Oyster tourist cards
  • Oyster Pay As You Go (PAYG) cards
  • Oyster Prepaid cards
  • Unregistered Oyster cards
  • Commemorative Oyster cards

Facts about dormant Oyster cards:

  • The combined value of dormant Oyster cards is estimated at 55 Million read more
  • There are about 17 Million Oyster cards that have not been used for at least a year.
  • There is no expiration date for the validity of an Oyster card. this is true for both the deposit and the balance.

Convert your dormant money into hard cash: It's quick and easy.

Did you stumble upon some forgotten Oyster card? Would you like to exchange your dormant, unused credits on your TfL Oyster card for valid funds: Euros, pounds Sterling or US dollars?

Claiming a refund for your Oyster card is easy on LeftoverCurrency.com. Just fill out an exchange form and send it, along with your Oyster card and any old banknotes and coins, to our London office. We help you exchange your dormant money and any leftover foreign coins or notes into valid cash.

Redeem your old, discontinued foreign banknotes and leftover coins from more than 35 countries for valid funds on LeftoverCurrency.com. Withdrawn banknotes and coins that are taken out of circulation can still be converted free of charge. Our online exchange service is quick and easy, read our reviews.

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