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Terms of use

You must be 18 or over, or have parental consent, to use our currency exchange service. You must be the rightful owner of the coins and/or banknotes you want to exchange, or you must have permission from the rightful owner(s) to exchange them.


It is not allowed to use our exchange service for counterfeit banknotes or coins, or for banknotes or coins for which there is a reasonable doubt about their authenticity. We do not accept specimen banknotes or banknotes that have been deprived of their value, e.g. by punched holes, defacement, shredding, anti-theft dye or stamps. We do not accept mutilated coins or soiled coins. All banknotes submitted for exchange must have all the required safety features (watermark, security thread, optically variable ink, raised intaglio printing,…). All banknotes submitted for exchange must have at least one completely visible and readable serial number, and cannot miss more than 25% of the surface area. We may refuse to exchange banknotes that are missing part or whole of the phrase “I promise to pay the bearer …”. We may refuse to exchange damaged/mutilated banknotes for which it is unclear how the damage occurred, as well as banknotes that were damaged intentionally. We may refuse to accept laminated banknotes. When there is reasonable doubt about the authenticity of a banknote or coin, we may refuse to exchange the disputed banknote/coin, which will be sent back at the client’s request and at the client’s expense. Standard 1st class signed-for Royal Mail post rates apply.


It is not allowed to exchange banknotes or coins that were obtained in a wrongful or unlawful manner. If there are doubts about the origin of a consignment of notes and/or coins, we may ask for additional information, on the basis of which we will decide whether we accept the submitted banknotes and/or coins for exchange or not. When there is doubt about the origin of a consignment of banknotes or coins, we may refuse to exchange the disputed banknotes/coins, which will be sent back on the client’s request and at the client’s expense. Standard 1st class signed-for Royal Mail post rates apply.

Money laundering regulations: due diligence measures

We are registered as a Bureau de Change under the Money Laundering Regulations (MLR), supervised in the United Kingdom by HMRC. Our MLR registration number is 12824178. Our registered trading name is Leftover Currency Limited. To comply with the MLR, and in order to prevent activities related to money laundering and terrorist financing, we will take risk-based due diligence measures. The following types of high-value transactions qualify for enhanced due diligence measures:

  • Transactions over £1,000 GBP, €1,000 EUR or $1,000 USD exchange value: We will ask customers to provide a copy of their valid photo ID, which confirms their identity, and their residential address or date of birth. Accepted photo ID’s are a passport, a driver’s license and a national identity card. For multiple exchange transactions from the same customer, the exchange values for the different exchange transactions, within 12 months, will be summed up (combined value). If the total of multiple exchange transactions exceeds £1,000 GBP, €1,000 EUR or $1,000 USD, we will also ask the customer for a photo ID copy.
  • Transactions over £5,000 GBP, €5,000 EUR or $5,000 USD exchange value (single or combined within 12 months): In addition to the measures mentioned above, we will request information about the origin of the funds and a recent proof of address (original or certified copy). The provided photo ID needs to be a certified copy.
  • Transactions over £10,000 GBP, €10,000 EUR or $10,000 USD exchange value (single or combined within 12 months): In addition to the measures mentioned above, we wil arrange to meet the customer in person or via video call.
  • Transactions involving one or more of the following banknotes: 500 Euro, 1,000 Deutsche Marks, 1,000 Swiss Francs, 1,000 Singapore Dollars, 1,000 Brunei Dollars, 1,000 Dutch Guilders: We will ask the customer to provide us with a copy of a valid photo ID, which confirms their identity, and their residential address or date of birth.

All obtained information will be securely stored in our offline archives for 5 years, to comply with MLR.

Banknotes and coins accepted for exchange

Banknotes and coins submitted for exchange are accepted when (1) they meet the Authenticity requirements and (2) are depicted on our website, except those where it is stated that we do not accept them. We do not accept any other banknotes or coins, unless when we agree to do so upon prior request. No client will receive payment for banknotes or coins that are not accepted for exchange, unless prior consent has been given. Unaccepted banknotes and coins will be returned upon request and at the expense of the client. Standard 1st class Royal Mail post rates apply.

Exchange value

The exchange value for submitted coins and/or banknotes is calculated by multiplying the amount per currency type with the applicable price per currency unit (exchange rate). Our exchange rates are listed on the Exchange Rates webpage. Our exchange rates may differ from the fixed conversion rates for pre-Euro currencies, determined by the European Central Bank, and from the spot rates determined by the foreign exchange market.

The spread between the spot rate and our exchange rate covers our exchange costs, which are higher for the exchange of coins and obsolete currencies. There are no extra charges, commissions or fees for the exchange of banknotes and/or coins.

Our exchange rates are updated on a daily basis, reflecting fluctuations in the foreign currency market.

  • Currency exchanged using the online Wallet
    When a customer uses the Leftover Currency online Wallet, the exchange rates are fixed for 14 days, starting on the day when the customer completes checkout. The exchange value for each submitted banknote/coin is indicated on the exchange form. If the submitted currency types and amounts match the details indicated on the exchange form, and if the currency is received within 14 days after checkout, the amount paid to the customer is equal to the total exchange value indicated on the exchange form. When there are differences between the currency types and/or amounts indicated on the exchange form and those submitted, the exchange value will be calculated by multiplying the updated totals with the fixed exchange rates, as long as the currency was received within 14 days after checkout. When the currency is received later than 14 days after checkout, we use the exchange rates of the day the submitted coins and banknotes are processed, which is usually within three working days of receipt.
  • Currency exchanged using the static postal exchange form
    When a customer does not use the online Wallet, we use the exchange rates listed on our Exchange Rates page on the day the submitted coins and banknotes are processed, which is usually within three working days of receipt.

Every customer will receive a confirmation email with an itemised list of amount and exchange value per currency.


The shipping of banknotes and/or coins submitted for exchange is at the risk of the customer. We cannot be held responsible for items lost in the mail, which is why we encourage customers to use a tracked or signed for delivery service. On our webpage about sending notes and coins by mail, you can read tips about how to pack and send coins and banknotes securely. The customer is free to choose between regular mail and registered mail. We advise the customer to pack the submitted coins and banknotes securely and to send them using registered mail if the submitted coins and/or banknotes have a value of more than £10 (sent from the UK) or £25 (sent from abroad).

Incomplete, missing and incorrectly filled in exchange forms

Incomplete, missing and/or incorrectly filled out exchange forms slow down the exchange process. In case of missing, unreadable or incorrect information, we will contact the customer by e-mail, if a legible and working e-mail address is available. When a signature is missing, we will ask to resend a signed exchange form. Only on receipt hereof, the submitted banknotes and/or coins will be exchanged and paid for. We cannot be held responsible for any consequences of errors filled in by the customer on the exchange form.


Every customer will receive payment for the exchange value of the banknotes and/or coins submitted. The payment is initiated upon completion of sorting and counting the currency, and the completion of any required due diligence measures, if applicable.

In most cases we are able to turn around the processing in under five working days. If, for any reason, it takes us longer, we will contact the customer and provide information about reasons for the delay (e.g. missing information) and expected payment date.

Customers can choose between the following means of payment:

  • Bank transfer: Available to all customers worldwide, except for countries unable to receive international payments (e.g. North Korea). A minimum payment amount of £15 pounds applies for customers living outside the UK or SEPA (single European payment area). For customers living in the UK or SEPA no minimum amount applies. There are no fees or charges deducted. The customer will receive the full exchange amount.
  • Cheque: Available only in Pounds Sterling. We cannot write out cheques in US Dollars, Euros or any other currency than Pounds Sterling. A minimum amount of £1 applies for payment by cheque. We do not deduct any fees or charges. We pay the postage. Cheques are sent by first class mail if the amount payable is £10 or more and by second class mail if the amount payable is less than £10.
  • PayPal: Available to all customers worldwide with a PayPal account. Customers can open a PayPal account for free on No minimum amount applies. We send the PayPal payment as payment for goods and services. PayPal will charge a fee for receiving the payment. For UK customers the fee is 30p plus 2.9% of the payment amount. More information about PayPal fees can be found on the PayPal website.
  • Donation to charity: The exchange value is donated to the selected charity. If no charity is selected, the donation will be paid to our featured charity, as shown on our Charity webpage. We will make the donation in the customer’s name, unless the customer has asked us not to do so. We will send the customer a donation receipt (when the donation is paid via debit/credit card), or we will include a staff member of the charity in the cc field of the confirmation email (when the donation is paid via bank transfer). No minimum amount applies. The customer can choose between donating the full amount or a part of the amount to charity. When the customer donates the full amount to charity, we will add 5% to the exchange value.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and any disputes will be decided only by the English courts. If any of these Terms should be determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable by reason of the laws of any state or country in which these Terms are intended to be effective, it shall be severed and deleted from this clause. All other Terms of Use and Terms & Conditions shall remain in full force and continue to be binding and enforceable.

We reserve the right to change any of these terms and conditions at any time by posting changes online. If you do not accept these Terms in full, you must stop using this website immediately.

Customers from Texas, USA

We cannot serve customers from Texas, USA. Our money service business license does not cover transactions sent by Texas residents. Please do not send your currency until further notice. We are working with the Texas Department of Banking to get the right license in due course.

Incorrect bank account numbers, postal and email addresses

In order to make a payment, we need correct payment details, either a bank account, a postal address to send the cheque to, or an e-mail address for payments by Paypal. Incorrect or missing payment data on the exchange form may result in payment delays, payments credited to the wrong account, or bank charges applied by the receiving bank. We are not responsible for any of these results, in case the submitted payment details are wrong or incomplete. Any costs resulting from incomplete or missing payment information will be passed on to the customer.


Our Privacy Policy explains what happens to any personal information that our customers provide to us, or that we collect during a visit to our website. Read more about our Privacy Policy, how we comply with GDPR and the use of cookies on our Privacy Policy page.

Our users can use the website without creating a user account. For users that choose to create a user account, we recommend that they log out at the end of each session. Users who access the website from a public/shared computer should always log out at the end of each session.

Typographical and software errors

When an exchange rate is listed incorrectly due to typographical or software errors, we shall have the right to refuse any submitted banknotes or coins for the incorrectly listed exchange rate. The refused banknotes and coins will then be sent back to the customer, free of charge.

We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information on our website. However, we cannot guarantee the completeness of information provided, nor can we guarantee that your visit to our site will be uninterrupted or error-free. If you spot any errors, please let us know using our contact form.


Copyright © (UK) 2012 – 2019. All rights reserved. It is strictly prohibited to copy, redistribute, republish or modify any materials, content, images or software contained on our website without our prior consent.

External links

We do not represent, warrant, endorse or hold responsibility over any external sites that may be linked to and from our site. Any external site that you visit by clicking through a link on our site is outside of our control, and you visit entirely at your own risk.

Force majeure

We cannot accept liability for delay or non-fulfillment of any term of the Terms and Conditions caused by force majeure, war, rioting, strike, lock out, pandemic, accident, fire, flood, heavy snowfall, financial/banking collapse, network outage, power blackout, acts of terrorism, a ‘no deal’ or chaotic Brexit or any other cause not directly within our reasonable control.

Questions about our Terms and Conditions

If you have any questions about this Agreement, please contact us via the contact form.

Latest update

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on 10 June 2019. We added that we may refuse to exchange laminated banknotes.

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