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same serial numbers on banknotes

Can two banknotes have the same serial number?

Can two banknotes have the same serial number? We got this question from our customers at Leftover Currency. The answer is no, unless...

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currency revaluation

Currency Revaluation: Historical examples

Currency revaluation is a deliberate upward change in a currency's exchange rate, increasing its value. We have a look at historical examples of currency revaluation, where the value increased a LOT overnight. How much did people gain, and can it happen again?

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world record coins

World Record Coins

Even though coins are used less and less these days, they remain everyday objects. In this article we take a look at five coins that break world records. Here are five world record coins.

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pre-euro cash thumbnail

Pre-Euro cash: Can I still exchange it?

We’re proud to introduce our first One Minute Money video on the Leftover Currency YouTube channel. Find out more about the 19 pre-euro currencies that were replaced by the Euro. Can you still exchange them?

facemask covid-19 with currency

COVID-19 December 2020 update

Following the UK Government’s decision on 19 December 2020 to introduce a new Tier 4 with tighter restrictions in the fight against coronavirus, we confirm that our services continue without interruptions.

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Coronavirus COVID-19

COVID-19 November 2020 update

Following the UK Government's decision on 31 October 2020 to introduce new national restrictions from 5 November 2020 in the fight against coronavirus, we confirm that our services continue without interruptions.

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donate to over 50 charities

Donate your leftover currency: Over £100,000 raised in 2020

Donate your leftover currency to charity and join the thousands of people who raised over £100,000 pounds for UK and international charities. There’s over fifty fantastic good causes to choose between, and more charities are added regularly.

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money quiz questions

Money Quiz Questions

How well do you know your coins and banknotes? Find out if you can answer these money quiz questions, and feel free to use them in your own money quiz with friends and family.

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currency converters - an example

Currency Converters – Do they add up?

Currency converters: You'll find them on many websites. Can you trust them and do they add up? We investigate and help you understand why not all currency converters show the same exchange rates.

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legal tender coins

Legal tender coins explained

What are legal tender coins in the UK? Am I allowed to pay a large bill with pennies? We've compiled all the facts you need to know about the legal tender status of coins in the UK. You might want to read this in case you want to pay that large bill with bags of copper...

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