Where's George - Currency tracking

Where’s George? Currency tracking explained

We found George today. He left from Boulder, Colorado, on 2 March 2016 and it took him a little over a year to reach our office in London, UK. George is a $1 US dollar banknote, serial number K46666438C. You can track his journey on wheresgeorge.com. Welcome to the wonderful world of currency tracking...

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currency names word cloud

Currency names explained: History of money

Have you ever wondered where the world's major currencies got their names from? In case you have, here are the answers, explaining the origin of all currency names we exchange at Leftover Currency...

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AZ glossary scrabble letters

Introducing the Financial Jargon Buster

Are you having trouble understanding financial technical terms? We've created an A-Z Glossary to explain them in a simple, understandable way. Introducing the Leftover Currency financial jargon buster...

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Five reasons why banks and bureaux don't exchange foreign coins

5 Reasons why other Bureaux don’t exchange foreign coins

At Leftover Currency we accept foreign coins for exchange. You may have wondered why other bureaux de change are keen to exchange foreign banknotes, but won’t accept foreign coins. These five reasons explain why ...

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1000 mark Reichsbanknote 1910

What is the value of a 1000 Mark Reichsbanknote from 1910?

On several occasions customers have asked about the value of their 1000 Mark Reichsbanknote dated 21 April 1910, issued in Berlin. Is it exchangeable at all? And is it worth over £300 pounds? Let us explain ...

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leftover stamps

Leftover stamps? We love them!

On a few occasions we got the opportunity to buy some leftover stamps from our customers. We use quite a lot of stamps, mostly for sending out cheques. Those old leftover stamps certainly add some extra cachet to the envelope ...

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top 10 most exchanged January 2017

Top-10 most exchanged items January 2017

These are the top-10 most exchanged items at Leftover Currency in January 2017. It's the first time we've compiled this list. It shows which coins and banknotes were sent in for exchange the most...

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foreign coins for charity - fundraising ideas

Foreign coins for charity: Fundraising ideas

Do you support a charity and are you looking for a way to raise funds? How about collecting foreign coins and leftover travel money. There is £1.8 Billion of foreign coins and leftover currency in British drawers. Wouldn't it be better if these coins and banknotes found their way to your charity tin ...

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jar of coins

£1.8 Billion pounds hidden away in British drawers

The average British household has £65 pounds worth of leftover currency in their drawers. In most cases that money is not being used at all. A whopping £1.8 Billion pounds is gathering dust. Time to inject this dormant money back into the UK economy...

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leftover Oyster cards

Leftover Oyster cards

Transport for London (TfL) introduced contactless payments in 2014, allowing customers to pay fares with a simple tap of their debit or credit card. Mobile payments followed soon after. The adoption of contactless and mobile payments has been widespread. To such an extent that TfL is considering to phase out Oyster cards. Should you have any leftover Oyster cards, we can refund you the balance and deposit...

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