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Airport currency donations: What happens to donated currency?

foreign banknotes and coins in a donation globe

Have you ever donated unused travel money coins or banknotes into a charity donation globe at an airport? Or maybe did you hand over your leftover currency to a cabin crew member on board?

If so, you may have asked yourself: What happens to this jumble of mixed coins and banknotes? At Leftover Currency Ltd we know the answer.

At Leftover Currency we process airport currency donations

Donations globes are a familiar sight dotted around every airport, often overflowing with foreign currency donations. Travellers will also be familiar with cabin crew members collecting charity donations in-flight.

We process airline & airport currency donations for charity. Here is what happens with your donated leftover currency.

This video explains what happens with the collected banknotes and coins. The process involves collection, transport, sorting, counting, reporting and sending the payment to the charity. All of these tasks are taken care of by a team of over 25 currency experts here at Leftover Currency Ltd.

Our customers include airlines and major airports, both UK-based and abroad. We also work directly with high-profile charities and corporate customers who collect currency to raise funds for their charity partners.

In 2022 we raised over £1 million for charities and good causes!

Your leftover currency donations mean a lot to the charities we work with. In 2022 we have raised over One Million Pounds for charities and good causes, including Comic Relief, Childflight and the Disasters Emergency Committee.

airport with donation globes

50 metric tons of coins and 60,000 donation bags

At Leftover Currency Ltd we have a state-of-the-art, automated sorting line that sorts coins from every currency in the world. We handle over 150 different currencies, including all the twenty obsolete pre-euro currencies (which people are still donating, even today).

When the currency is sorted and counted, the charity partner receives a detailed report. They can see the amounts and values donated per currency. Reporting can include information such as the terminal, the flight number, etc … Each donation bag has a bar code and can be traced back to the flight it was on.

Once processed and paid-for, the coins and notes are brought back into circulation by selling them to the general public or by repatriating them to the country of origin. That way, by donating your leftover currency, not only are you helping a charity, you are also contributing to the circular economy where coins and notes are re-used.

At Leftover Currency Ltd we process more than 50 metric tons of coins annually. We also handle over 60,000 in-flight donation bags, each one opened and emptied carefully before the currency is sorted and counted.

coin processing machine

Are you looking for a currency processing partner?

Are you collecting donations to raise funds for your charity? If you are looking for an experienced currency processing partner, please get in touch.

We provide an end-to-end service, from collection to payment into account. We process coins and notes in over 150 currencies and buy the currency at competitive rates with low processing fees. That way you can raise more money from the same collected airport currency donations.

Get in contact with the team to learn more!

coin sorter machine processing airport and airline donations