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Donate your leftover currency to help raise £5 million for Ark Cancer Charity

Ark Cancer Charity fundraise to help to elevate the psychological wellness of patients and their families. The charity also enable NHS staff to deliver treatments within an uplifting facility contributing positively to enhance the effectiveness of cancer treatment for patients.

Chemotherapy treatment is already available in Basingstoke and Winchester, and while radiotherapy is available in Basingstoke, most patients still have to travel to Southampton or Guildford for their treatment. This can mean a journey every day for up to six weeks when patients are feeling unwell and vulnerable.

Our approach will be to ensure a seamless model of holistic care is possible with supportive care and complementary therapies available alongside chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments in a NHS cancer treatment centre at Basingstoke.

It is easy to donate your leftover currency to Arc Cancer Charity. To get started, download and fill out the Ark Cancer Charity exchange form.

With the aim of providing people affected by cancer with the tools, knowledge and support to cope with the impact of cancer diagnosis, the treatments and support will include:

  • Acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy and massage
  • Counselling and Support Groups
  • Gym facilities, exercise and yoga classes
  • Hair and beauty services including wig fitting and make up advice
  • Consultations by dieticians and cookery demonstration classes
  • Information and advice centre
  • Areas to relax before and after treatments

These integrated therapies and services will all be easily accessible and available in a calm and uplifting environment.

Your support will make a difference.

It is easy to donate your leftover currency to Arc Cancer Charity. To get started, download and fill out the Ark Cancer Charity exchange form.Ark Cancer Centre Charity twin town tour


Donate your leftover travel money to Ark Cancer Charity

Do you have a drawer or jam jar, filled with foreign coins, left over travel money from previous holidays? Would you consider donating that forgotten currency to help fund a good cause?

It's easy to donate your leftover holiday cash; Simply fill out our charity exchange form and send it along with your currency to our Datchet office. We will exchange all currency, coins and notes, foreign and domestic, and donate the exchange value plus 5% extra to Ark Cancer Charity.

How much of my donation goes to Ark Cancer Charity?

We donate the complete exchange value plus 5% extra to Ark Cancer Charity. There are no fees, neither do we subtract any commission. You will receive a confirmation email, containing the amount donate. We will share this information with Ark Cancer Charity.

Which banknotes and coins can I donate?

You can donate any coins or notes, foreign or domestic. We will exchange whatever currency you send us and will donate the combined exchange value plus five percent extra to Ark Cancer Charity.

We will exchange currencies listed on our exchangeable currencies page against the exchange rates shows.

All other banknotes and coins will be exchanged against their numismatic value, bullion value or scrap metal value, whichever is higher. It helps if you sort the currency before you send it. But if you are unable to sort your currency, don't worry. We will take care of the sorting and counting free of charge.

Convert leftover currency into cash, fast.

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