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Early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is key to improving survival rates of pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic Cancer Action is dedicated to saving lives by improving early diagnosis with pancreatic cancer in the UK. Founded by a rare survivor, Ali Stunt, in 2010, Pancreatic Cancer Action’s vision is a day when more people survive pancreatic cancer than die from it. 

Make a difference for people with pancreatic cancer

Over 9000 men and women are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer every year in the UK. In the last 50 years, survival rates have barely improved. Today, just 5% of those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will survive beyond five years. BUT if patients are diagnosed in time for surgery, they have ten times more chance of surviving pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer Action funds research, creates national awareness campaigns, produces e-learning modules for medical professionals and provides patient information.