Donate your leftover currency to Whisper

Whisper makes your donation work very hard! Whisper is a high-impact charity that runs a children’s hospital and a maternity unit in Jinja, Uganda, in an area where healthcare is all too often unaffordable, unavailable or unsafe because of poor infrastructure. The Whisper hospital is a happy, caring, child-friendly place providing high-quality healthcare.

Whisper provides full medical cover 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and this allows the charity to save many lives that would not otherwise have been saved. Whisper has a social worker and a nutritionist on the staff so that the charity can follow through where a child’s circumstances may be contributing to their ill-health.

Whisper operating theatre

Whisper trains its staff to high standards, providing practical experience for a medical school and getting involved in research projects with local and international partners. Whisper can only continue its work with your help. Thank you for your donation!

To donate your leftover currency to Whisper, fill out the Whisper charity exchange form (PDF)