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Fourex Inc Limited went into administration in October 2021 and into liquidation in August 2022. All Fourex ‘changebox‘ kiosks have since gone offline. If you used Fourex change boxes to exchange your leftover currency, we can help.

Where can I exchange my currency now that Fourex kiosks are offline?

Now that Fourex kiosks are offline, exchange your unused travel money with Leftover Currency. Our online exchange service is rated Excellent on TrustPilot, with over 7000 five-star reviews. At Leftover Currency we exchange coins and banknotes from over 150 currencies.

Fourex kiosk from Fourex INC Limited into administration

About Fourex

Fourex INC Limited was a UK Fintech startup that developed an automated exchange kiosk / change box. In 2015, the company won the Pitch to Rich competition, sponsored by Virgin-founder Richard Branson. Fourex was operational from 2015 until 2022. It operated a network of over 50 kiosks located in and around London, as well as UK-based airports, train stations, shopping malls and motorway service stations.

Along with Fourex INC Limited, the company’s sister company Coino UK LTD also went into administration in October 2021.

Where can I order commission-free travel money?

If you used Fourex change boxes to purchase your travel money, you can now use the services of Manor FX. That way you can continue to purchase travel money with free next-day delivery to your door, from over 120 different countries including hard-to-find currencies from Albanian Leke to Zambian Kwacha.