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Leftover Currency: From Coins to Charity Causes

- Published on 18th January 2024

Coil of coins fundraising event

At Leftover Currency, we are grateful to now be supporting over 100 charities on our website!

They embrace a diverse array of noble causes, positively impacting the health and well-being of people and animals close to home or across the globe.

Explore our range of charities eager to accept your generous donations.

Coil of Coins Fundraising Event:

In the spirit of giving and supporting noble causes, Leftover Currency is thrilled to share the heartwarming success story of Devon’s local community fundraising event, the “Coil of Coins.” 

This fantastic initiative, driven by supporters’ enthusiasm, raised a remarkable total of £463. The money raised was donated to The Baxter Hall Charity and Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA).

Let’s dive into the heart-warming details of this event, showcasing the power of collective generosity and partnership with the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA).

Who are MNDA?

MNDA are a charity dedicated to tackling Motor Neurone Disease and are doing incredible work to improve the lives of those affected.

If you would like to donate to the national MNDA charity, follow this link.

Coins for a Cause: Unveiling the Success of the ‘Coil of Coins’ Fundraiser

The local community came together on Saturday, October 28th, to donate their leftover foreign currency from trips across the globe. The goal was to line coins up to reach at least a mile long if they were stretched out!

It quickly became apparent that more space was needed for the ‘coil’, and the growing collection was split into three groups.

The large coil was made up of current and demonetised sterling coins, tables were filled with foreign currency from around the world, and another section featured historic and pre-decimal coins!

The trail of foreign coins reached a distance of 80ft and were filled with a fascinating range of currency. The historic section had some real gems, including coins dating back to 1884 and even a special one commemorating King Edward VII’s coronation in 1902!

old and obsolete coins laid out in rows on a table

Effortless Processing:

Leftover Currency’s commitment to this cause meant we offered a free processing service, ensuring every coin was counted and sorted efficiently.

Our dedicated team collected, processed, and sorted all donations raised. To support a great cause, we added 5% on top of the total exchange value and donated the funds back to The Baxter Hall Charity and MNDA.

Coins being sorted by a size sorting machine

The Challenge:

We invite other charities to take inspiration from Baxter Hall’s “Coil of Coins” event and embark on their journey to raise funds. Let’s challenge each other to make a difference and create positive change in our communities!

Contact our team to learn how Leftover Currency can help process your donations.

How to get featured on our website

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Are you part of a charity as an employee or volunteer and seeking ways to boost your fundraising efforts? Great news! We’d love to showcase your charity on our website.

This way, our users can easily donate the value of their leftover currency to support your cause. We also add an extra 5% on top of the total exchange value!

But that’s not all! We’re here to make things even smoother for you. Whether it’s arranging a postage refund, providing a prepaid postage label, or organising a convenient courier pickup for the currency you’ve collected, we’ve got you covered.

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