Leftover stamps? We love them!

On a few occasions we got the opportunity to buy some leftover stamps from our customers. We use quite a lot of stamps, mostly for sending our cheques. Those old leftover stamps certainly add some extra cachet to the envelope …

Do old postage stamps remain valid?

They do! Old British postage stamps issued by the Royal Mail remain valid, as long as they have not been used before. Stamps that already have gone through the postal system cannot be used again, in most cases these used stamps are stamped.

Unused postage stamps remain valid. You can read about this in greater detail on the MoneySavingExpert.com forum.

letters with old postage stamps

What about the halfpenny stamps?

Stamps with halfpenny values were available for purchase in the UK until 1985. Unused halfpenny stamps remain valid, as long as you combine them in pairs, so the total adds up to a whole number.

If you would like to receive a letter with old leftover postage stamps: Send in your leftover currency for exchange and select ‘cheque’ as payment method (only available to UK customers). In a few days you’ll have a fancy looking letter in your mailbox with a cheque inside. Get started.

UK stamps with halfpenny values