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Currency Overview: Ugandan Shillings

- Published on 6th July 2023

current and demonetised Ugandan Shilling banknotes

At Leftover Currency we have recently added current and demonetised Ugandan Shilling banknotes to the growing list of currencies exchangeable on our website. We exchange over 153 different currencies and our goal is to expand the list even further to all the world’s currencies that exist today or have ever existed.

The Official Currency of Uganda

The republic of Uganda is a landlocked nation situated in East Africa. The country is home to the tallest mountain range in Africa and the largest river, the River Nile.

The national currency of the Republic of Uganda, issued by the Bank of Uganda, is the Ugandan Shilling and the currency code is UGX. Current banknotes come in denominations of 50,000, 20,000, 10,000, 5000, 2000 and 1000 Ugandan Shillings.

current Ugandan Shilling banknote series

50,000 Ugandan Shillings Banknote

obverse and reverse of a 50000 Ugandan Shilling banknote

The International Banknote Note Society named the 50,000 Ugandan Shillings banknote among the nine most beautiful currencies in the world.

The obverse of this 50000 Shilingi Elfu Hamsini banknote features the Stride Monument alongside the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. The back of this 50000 UGX note features a silverback mountain gorilla alongside the National Independence Monument in Kampala.

Current Ugandan Shillings Banknotes:

Uganda’s currency has gone through 7 different iterations over the last 50 years. Like the 50,000 UGX banknote, each note in this 2010 series features symbols that represent Uganda’s heritage as well as showcasing the beautiful landscape and wildlife of the nation.

Do you have any leftover Ugandan Shilling banknotes from a recent holiday?

Get started here: Exchange your current Ugandan Shilling banknotes.

obverse and reverse of a 1000 Ugandan Shilling banknote

1000 Ugandan Shillings Banknote: This frontside of this note features Nyero rock paintings found in the Savannah grasslands. The reverse side of this 1000 UGX bill features a map of Uganda and the National Independence Monument located in Kampala.

obverse and reverse 2000 Ugandan Shilling banknote

2000 Ugandan Shillings Banknote: The Speke Monument and original source of the River Nile are featured on the obverse of this 2000 UGX bill. The reverse side of this 2000 Ugandan Shillings note features a Tilapia fish.

obverse and reverse of a 5000 Ugandan Shilling banknote

5000 Ugandan Shillings Banknote: The frontside of this 5000 Shilingi Elfu Tano banknote features The World War I and II Memorial monument located at the Constitutional Square in Kampala. The reverse side of this 5000 UGX bill features weaver birds inside an outline of the map of the nation.

obverse and reverse of a 10000 Ugandan Shilling banknote

10000 Ugandan Shillings Banknote: The Key to Success Monument, located at the Kyambogo University, is depicted on the frontside of this 10000 Ugandan Shilling note. The reverse side of this 10000 UGX banknote features a banana tree inside a map of Uganda.

obverse and reverse of a 20000 Ugandan Shilling banknote

20000 Ugandan Shillings Banknote: The frontside of this 20000 Ugandan Shilling bill features the Socio-Economic Growth of Kampala City Monument in Centenary Park. The reverse of this 20000 UGX banknote features drums and a long-horned bull.

Are my old Ugandan Shilling banknotes still exchangeable?

In 2013 the Bank of Uganda demonetised the older banknote series. These notes have ceased to be legal tender and no longer have any monetary value.

However at Leftover Currency we continue to exchange these demonetised bills for an exchange rate that covers their collectible value.

Get started here: Exchange your demonetised Ugandan Shilling banknotes.

demonetised Ugandan Shilling banknote series

Counterfeit Security Features:

Uganda is the first country in Africa to use advanced optical security features against counterfeiting known as SPARK. These are featured in Uganda’s latest banknote series, issued in 2010.

These Ugandan Shilling banknotes contain a windowed security thread and are made of high quality paper. Each denomination has a bold see through panel placed on the top right handside. All of the see through features are based on different Ugandan cultural images. 

What currencies would you like to see next on the website?

We will be adding more currencies to the Leftover Currency website in the future. 

Contact the team here at Leftover Currency and let us know what currency you would like to see listed on our website next!