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Value of 100 baisa banknote Central Bank of Oman

100 baisa banknote Oman

Do you have a 100 baisa banknote from Oman? Are you interested to find out how much it is worth and how you can convert this banknote to cash? Find out more about this banknote, its value, and steps to exchange it.

Oman's currency: the third most valuable currency in the world

Oman’s currency is in the top-3 of most valuable currencies in the world. That means it’s the most valuable currency in the world except for the Kuwaiti Dinar and the Bahraini Dinar. All three currencies in the top-3 are from oil producing countries in the Middle East.Top-5 countries with most valuable currencies:

  1. Kuwait
  2. Bahrain
  3. Oman
  4. Jordan
  5. United Kingdom

If Oman’s currency is worth so much, does this mean that the 100 baisa banknote from the Central Bank of Oman is worth a lot of money?

100 baisa banknote from Oman

If you would use XE’s currency calculator and type in ‘100 Oman’, this shows you that 100 Omani Rial is worth almost £200 British Pounds, €230 Euros, $260 US Dollars or ₹18,500 Indian Rupees. Does this mean that the value of a 100 Oman Baisa banknote is equal to this?

Unfortunately not: Read the text on the banknote. The 100 baisa bill has text in Arabic (Oman’s official language) and in English. This is what the text on the 100 baisa banknote reads in English:

  • Central Bank of Oman
  • One Hundred Baisa
  • 100
  • 1416 H / 1995 G

Oman 100 Baisa banknote (type 1995)Central Bank of Oman one hundred baisa billHere’s a video where Leftover Currency team members Max and Andy explain the value of a 100 Omani Baisa banknote. You’ll find more of these one-minute money videos on the Leftover Currency YouTube channel. Subscribe so you can stay up to date with the latest info, tips and trips about currency.

The Omani Rial's subunit: the Baisa

The text in English reads ‘one hundred baisa’. It does not read ‘one hundred rials’. In fact a banknote of 100 Omani Rials does not exist. If it would, it would be worth a lot of money.

But this banknote reads 100 baisa. In fact, the baisa is the subunit of the Omani Rial: 1 rial equals 1000 baisa. This may confuse people who are used to the European and American currencies, where the main unit is divided into 100 subunits. This is not the case for many currencies from the Arabian Peninsula, such as the Kuwaiti Dinar, the Jordanian Dinar, the Bahraini Dinar and the Omani Rial , for which the main unit is divided into 1000 subunits.

Value of Oman's 100 baisa banknote

The 100 Omani baisa banknote is worth 1/10 of a rial. It’s quite different then the value of 100 rials, in fact it’s 1000 less. The 100 baisa banknote has been replaced by a coin of 0.10 rial. The one hundred baisa banknote has been withdrawn from circulation. If you want to convert your old Omani rial and baisa paper money to cash, follow this link:withdrawn Omani Rial and Baisa banknotesExchange withdrawn Omani Rial banknotes

The link leads to a page with value you will receive for each of the Omani baisa and rial banknotes. This includes the 100 baisa and 200 baisa banknotes issued by the Central Bank of Oman.


Mario Van Poppel

Mario Van Poppel is the founder and director of Leftover Currency. What started as a hobby, collecting world banknotes, evolved into a fulltime job, running a successful online bureau de change. Mario is still a collector of pre-Euro banknotes and a member of the IBNS.