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Raising funds to rebuild Ropley village church

In June 2014, the beautiful 800 year old village church of Ropley, Hampshire, was destroyed by fire.  Rebuilding is now underway: A huge amount of work has gone into making sure the rebuilt St Peter’s will be fit for the 21st century and another 800 years.  St Peter’s Church will, once again, be the centre of Ropley’s village community – a space for everyone to enjoy and use, not just those who worship there.

St. Peter’s will provide a wonderful venue for christenings, weddings and funerals as well as a place for the Village to gather on festivals such as Christmas, Remembrance Day and Easter. The space created will complement other village facilities and will be widely used by the village school, social clubs, concerts and meetings seven days a week, not only an hour on Sundays.

The community is working hard to raise the estimated £500,000 shortfall in funds, and is grateful for all additional contributions to help realise the goal.

website: stpetersropley.org.uk/raise-stpeters

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