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New currencies accepted for exchange

new currencies added

We have been busy adding new currencies to the Leftover Currency website. New currencies accepted for exchange include both foreign coins and obsolete banknotes. Here’s an overview.

Brunei dollar coins

Coins from Brunei are included in the list of new currencies accepted for exchange. All Bruneian coins from 1 sen to 50 sen are now exchangeable on the Leftover Currency website, as are Brunei dollar banknotes.

Get started here: Exchange Brunei dollar and sen coinsBrunei Dollar Sen coins accepted for exchange

Cassa Mediterranea banknotes

These banknotes were issued by Italian forces in occupied Greece during World War II. These drachma banknotes from the 1940s were no longer exchangeable following the defeat of the Axis powers. We have reinstated the exchange of Cassa Mediterranea banknotes for a value that covers their numismatic value.

Get started here: Exchange your Cassa Mediterranea banknotesCassa Mediterranea banknotes

East German DDR Mark banknotes

From 1948 until 1989 the East of Germany was under the control of Soviet Russia. East Germany had its own currency, the DDR mark, which was exchangeable until 1990. We have reinstated the exchange of East-German DDR mark banknotes.

Get started here: Exchange your East German DDR mark banknotesEast German DDR mark banknotes

Egyptian coins

Did you travel to Egypt recently? If you have, then it’s likely that there are a few Egyptian coins gathering dust in your drawers. We have now started to accept Egyptian 1 pound and 50 piastres coins for exchange.

Get started here: Exchange your Egyptian coinsEgyptian pound and piastres coins

Forum Cheques

Anyone who visited East Germany in the 1970s or 1980s was obliged to change their West German currency for East German forum cheques. We have started with the exchange of Forum Cheques from Cold War era East Germany.

Get started here: Exchange your DDR Forum ChequesEast German DDR Mark forum cheques

Isle of Man coins

We have started with the exchange of all coins from the Isle of Man. From 1 penny to 2 pounds, all Manx coinage is now exchangeable on the Leftover Currency website, as are Isle of Man pound banknotes.

Get started here: Exchange your Isle of Man pound coinsIsle of Man pound coins

Lithuanian Litas coins

Lithuanian Litas were replaced by the Euro in 2014. We have started the exchange of all pre-Euro coins from Lithuania, from the smallest coin of 1 centas to the largest denomination coin of 5 Lithuanian Litai. We also exchange Lithuanian Litas banknotes.

Get started here: Exchange your Lithuanian litas coinsLithuanian litas coins accepted for exchange

Moroccan Dirham coins

Also included in the new currencies accepted for exchange are coins from Morocco. We have started with the exchange of all Moroccan dirham coins, from the smallest coin of 10 santimat (0.10 dirham) to the most valuable Moroccan coin of 10 dirhams.

Get started here: Exchange your Moroccan dirham coinsMoroccan Dirham coins

New Zealand Dollar coins

It has taken us some time to figure out the logistics, but we have finally cracked it: Exchanging New Zealand coins is now possible using our website. All current coins from New Zealand, from 10 cents to $2 dollars are now accepted for exchange.

Get started here: Exchange your New Zealand dollar coinsNew Zealand dollar coins

Old Polish Zloty banknotes

Poland banknotes issued before 1995 belong to the Old Zloty currency, replaced by the current new Polish Zloty at a rate of 10,000 old to 1 new. We have started with the exchange of old Polish Zloty banknotes at a rate that covers their numismatic value.

Get started here: Exchange old Polish Zloty banknotesOld Polish Zloty banknotes

Predecimal and withdrawn British pound Sterling coins

Predecimal and old style large British coins are often found in drawers. British banks have stopped accepting these from their customers recently. We have started exchanging predecimal and withdrawn British coins, accepting all coins from a farthing up to the old brass £2 commemorative coin.

Get started here: Exchange predecimal and withdrawn Pound Sterling coinsWIthdrawn and predecimal pound sterling coins

Singapore Dollar coins

Based on our customer’s feedback, we have included Singapore Dollar coins in the list of new currencies accepted for exchange. Currently we are able to exchange all SGD coins from the Third and Second series. We will add coins from the First series in the second half of this year.

Get started here: Exchange Singapore Dollar coinsSingapore Dollar coins

Withdrawn New Zealand dollar coins

A number of older New Zeealand coins were demonetised by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. In addition to current New Zealand coins we have also started with the exchange of withdrawn New Zealand coins.

Get started here: Exchange withdrawn New Zealand dollar coinsold new zealand dollar coins

Extra currencies to be added soon

We are soon going to add new currencies. Keep an eye on our site to discover which extra currencies will be added soon. Here are the first few to be added soon:

  • Bahraini dinars
  • Bosnian convertible marks
  • Brazilian reais
  • Bulgarian leva
  • CFA francs Central Africa
  • CFA francs West Africa
  • Chinese yuan
  • Eastern Caribbean dollars
  • Icelandic krona
  • Indonesian rupiah
  • Jordanian dinars
  • Kuwaiti dinars
  • Macedonian denari
  • Malaysian ringgit
  • Mexican pesos
  • Qatari riyals
  • Russian rubles
  • Serbian dinars
  • South African rands
  • South Korean won
  • Taiwan new dollars

The full list of all currencies for which we exchange foreign coins and banknotes can be found on our Exchange Rates page.

Do you have foreign coins or banknotes from a currency which we do not exchange yet? What currency would you like us to add to the list? Feel free to get in touch via our contact page, or leave a message on the Leftover Currency Facebook page.


Mario Van Poppel

Mario Van Poppel is the founder and director of Leftover Currency. What started as a hobby, collecting world banknotes, evolved into a fulltime job, running a successful online bureau de change. Mario is still a collector of pre-Euro banknotes and a member of the IBNS.