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Angel Community Canal Boat Trust (ACCT), known as the Angel Boat, is a London-based charity that operates a skippered community canal boat, Angel II of Islington, for use by local residents and community groups at a cost they can afford. ACCT is based in Islington, London, on the Regent’s Canal.

ACCT Angel Boat Regent's Canal Islington London

ACCT enables around 2,000 people a year to have the opportunity to experience the fun and activity of a canal cruise. Participants learn about the history and development of their local area and London through the inland waterways. They see see the extensive fauna and flora of the canal environment and understand the ecological balance.


Taking part in a canal cruise helps ACCT’s participants to gain the confidence and social skills necessary for travelling, working and living together on a canal boat. For many it is also a novel experience of a period away from the busy city, cars, street lights, TVs and all that comes with life in an inner city area.

Angel II of Islington canalboat

Angel Community Canal Boat Trust has also developed and runs projects based on Angel II and the canal, focused on the needs of particular groups of young people from the local community. Now onto its second specially designed steel narrow canalboat, ACCT offers trips lasting from one to seven days.


Angel Boat Regent's Canal London