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Blue Acre are a small, registered charity dedicated to the rescue, care, rehabilitation and, where possible, re-homing of abused, neglected or abandoned horses and ponies. The charity was started in 2002 by Caron North and Bob Regan on a 42 acre site in Old Windsor and became a registered charity in 2016.

Allow rescued horses and ponies to grow and flourish

Many of the animals come from abused or neglected backgrounds. Blue Acre’s aim is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home as many as possible of the horses taken in, and to restore the animals’ faith in human beings at base level. Blue Acre allows the horses to grow and flourish in its care.

The charity will ascertain whether the horses can be brought on to be ridden or be re-homed purely as companion horses. All horses and ponies live outside as one huge herd on the charity’s beautiful site.  It really is a rare sight to see so many horses in one group just enjoying “being horses” as they would be in the wild.

Blue Acre’s funds are generated by public donations, funds from its events and (rare) grants.  The charity consists of a core team of four with a support team of volunteers. To keep offering much needed rescue, care, rehabilitation and re-homing to horses and ponies, Blue Acre depends on donations by the public.

If you care about ponies and horses, please consider donating your leftover currency to Blue Acre Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation. To donate your unused travel money to Blue Acre Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation, fill out this exchange form and follow the instructions on it.


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