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Donate your leftover currency to Butterfly Conservation

Butterfly Conservation is the UK charity dedicated to saving butterflies, moths and our natural environment. Founded in 1968, we are a leading authority on the conservation of these beautiful creatures – key indicators of a healthy ecosystem– and we have achieved numerous successes for them locally, nationally, and internationally. website:

Time is running out.

Nature is in crisis. Half of the British butterfly species are now on the Red List as threatened with extinction and encounters are now becoming infrequent for many people. But it doesn’t have to be like this. We are on a bold mission to restore biodiversity, mitigate climate change and halve the number of threatened butterflies and moths by 2026.
We work to create a world where butterflies and moths can be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere. We need your help. Join our mission and save butterflies, moths and our environment.

Some of our successes:
• After becoming extinct in Great Britain in 1979, we successfully reintroduced the beautiful Large Blue.
• We reintroduced the Chequered Skipper in 2021. This beautiful butterfly can be seen by the public for the first time since going extinct in Great Britain in 1976.
• We have slowed the decline of the Wood White and are now working to reverse and repopulate.

It’s easy to donate your leftover currency to the Butterfly Conservation. To get started, download and fill out the Butterfly Conservation currency donation form.

Donate your leftover travel money to Butterfly Conservation

Do you have a drawer or jam jar, filled with foreign coins, left over travel money from previous holidays? Would you consider donating that forgotten currency to help fund a good cause?

It's easy to donate your leftover holiday cash; Simply fill out our charity exchange form and send it along with your currency to our Datchet office. We will exchange all currency, coins and notes, foreign and domestic, and donate the exchange value plus 5% extra to Butterfly Conservation.

How much of my donation goes to Butterfly Conservation?

We donate the complete exchange value plus 5% extra to Butterfly Conservation. There are no fees, neither do we subtract any commission. You will receive a confirmation email, containing the amount donate. We will share this information with Butterfly Conservation.

Which banknotes and coins can I donate?

You can donate any coins or notes, foreign or domestic. We will exchange whatever currency you send us and will donate the combined exchange value plus five percent extra to Butterfly Conservation.

We will exchange currencies listed on our exchangeable currencies page against the exchange rates shows.

All other banknotes and coins will be exchanged against their numismatic value, bullion value or scrap metal value, whichever is higher. It helps if you sort the currency before you send it. But if you are unable to sort your currency, don't worry. We will take care of the sorting and counting free of charge.

Convert leftover currency into cash, fast.

Donate online Or download our postal form