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With over 5 million elderly people living on their own, and 50% citing television as their main source of company, loneliness is an ever-present problem within our community.

Cyril Flint, an elderly pensioner living on his own in the Trafford (UK) area was a classic example of one such individual. Having spent 20 lonely Christmas holidays on his own since the passing of his wife, Cyril’s story not only evoked a wave of compassion within the community, it inspired a group of people to do something to help, and the Cyril Flint charity was founded.

A free befriending and volunteering service for adults in later life

Cyril Flint befrienders are a a free befriending and volunteering service for adults in later life. The registered charity offers a free informal befriending service, designed to help prevent social isolation. It also hosts a monthly Cuppa & Company for all to attend and annual Christmas Party for all Befrienders and Befriendees.

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Befriending in action

Cyril Flint is an established befriending service that currently covers Trafford Didsbury and Chorlton. The Cyril Flint Volunteers spend an hour a week visiting lonely and isolated people over the age of 60 in these areas, befriending a person on a regular one-to-one basis.

This may be someone who lives alone, has little or no contact with friends and family and receives limited or no community support. Knowing that someone is going to pop in once a week can make a huge difference to these people.

Typical visit activities

Cyril Flint volunteers will pop around maybe for a brew and a chat, and just like a true friend they will always take time to listen to their Befriendee, sharing life’s ups and downs. Befriendees often find that, as their new friendship grows, their confidence returns and they may feel more comfortable getting out in the community (perhaps with their volunteer’s support). Cyril Flint Befrienders have seen some fabulous long term friendships develop and flourish, and they are keen to make lots more!

Help Cyril Flint volunteers with developing long term friendships by donating your leftover currency. To get started, download and fill out the Cyril Flint exchange form.