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Mousetrap Theatre Projects provides inspiring theatre experiences to children and young people who are disadvantaged or have special needs and disabilities. Each year, this West End based charity takes about 13,000 children and young people, who would never think this was something open to them, to see London’s world-class theatre. In doing so, Mousetrap Theatre Projects broadens their horizons, offers new possibilities and exposes them to new ideas and views of the world.

Mousetrap works in schools and youth clubs all over London, using drama to teach creative, personal and social skills that are transferable to every walk of life. Many of the children and young people served by Mousetrap have had a difficult start in life. As a result, they lack confidence and self-esteem, have low aspirations, struggle at school and have poor mental health.

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Mousetrap Theatre Projects uses drama as a tool with these vulnerable young people, to help them overcome these problems, make new friends and have fun. Through specially adapted performances and subsidised tickets, Mousetrap opens up the exciting world of London theatre to families facing the daily challenges of having a child with special needs and disabilities or living on a low-income.

In short, Mousetrap helps children and young people live happy, fulfilling childhoods and put them on the path to becoming successful young adults.  And it all starts with a magical trip to the theatre.


To donate your leftover currency to Mousetrap Theatre Projects, fill in the Mousetrap charity exchange form (PDF).

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