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Imagine you are told that your child has cancer, organ failure or a genetic disorder that they could die from. It’s something no parent ever wants to hear. Family life is turned upside down and time becomes more precious than ever.

You have to cope with the worry and grief of your child’s illness; trying to keep life normal for brothers or sisters; getting to and from a hospital for treatment which could be many miles away from home, all the while navigating a health system of which you have absolutely no experience.

Through all of this, daily life goes on – trying to hold down a job, doing the weekly shopping, cooking meals, taking brothers and sisters to school… all these things must continue.

Some families really struggle to cope.

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity pairs each family with a dedicated expert Family Support Worker to help them face and make the most of each new day. Rainbow Trust’s Family Support Workers work with families in extreme and uncertain situations, so that they don’t have to manage alone.