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Donate your leftover currency to Royal Papworth Hospital Charity

Performing the UK’s first successful heart transplant in 1979, and the world’s first heart-lung-liver transplant in 1986, Royal Papworth Hospital is responsible for a great number of medical ‘firsts’. Royal Papworth Hospital Charity exists to financially support the Hospital with its pioneering treatment and aims to ensure that the Hospital continues to be responsible for many more medical ‘firsts’.

With your help, Royal Papworth Hospital can save more lives

Royal Papworth Hospital Charity is currently supporting a world leading, new heart transplant programme which means surgeons can now utilise donor hearts which were previously considered too damaged to transplant. This highly successful DCD programme has meant that 49 patients to date have been given a new chance at life. However, unfortunately this incredible programme is not currently financed by the NHS, which means that funds need to be raised by the charity to enable this life-saving technique to become available to more patients in need.

As well as supporting the DCD transplant programme, the Charity also helps improve the Hospital environment, provides state-of-the art equipment and also supports to develop Hospital staff. None of this would be possible without the many generous acts from the Charity’s supporters and this is why your help is needed.

Donating any leftover foreign currency to the Charity that you may have is just one way that you can support Royal Papworth Hospital. Community Fundraising, Gifts in Will and Corporate Giving are a few of the other ways that you can help Royal Papworth Hospital continue to provide the best possible care. To find out more, chat to someone from the Charity Team! Call them on 01223 369950 or email [email protected].