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Top-10 most exchanged items January 2017

- Published on 28th January 2017

top 10 most exchanged January 2017

These are the top-10 most exchanged items at Leftover Currency in January 2017. It’s the first time we’ve compiled this list. It shows which coins and banknotes were sent in for exchange the most.20 cents Euro coin

Most popular: 20 cents Euro coin

The 20 eurocent coin was the most exchanged item at Leftover Currency in January 2017. With over 10,000 pieces exchanged, the 20 cent piece was the coin most likely to be in our customers’ pockets coming back from a holiday.10 cents Euro coin

Second Most popular: 10 cents Euro coin

Runner-up for most exchanged item in January 2017 was the 10 eurocent coin. The small brass coin was sent in over 10,000 times for exchange, only marginally less than the most popular 20 cents coin.5 cents Euro coin

Third Most popular: 5 cents Euro coin

The top-3 of most exchanged items at Leftover Currency in January 2017 is completed by another coin from the Euro coins series: the 5 eurocent coin. The copper plated steel coin was another coin that showed up frequently in our customers’ leftover travel money.50 cents Euro coin

Fourth place: 50 cents Euro coin

Another Euro coin on fourth position: the 50 Eurocent piece. The most valuable of the 3 brass coins from the Eurozone, the 50 cents piece was exchanged over 8,000 times in January 2017.1 euro coin obverse

Fifth place: 1 Euro coin

The famous 1 Euro coin is the 5th most exchanged coin at Leftover Currency in January 2017. This means the complete top-5 consists of coins from the Eurozone.1 Cent coin United States Dollar (penny)

Sixth place: 1 Cent United States Dollar coin

The first none-Euro coin is on the sixth position: the humble 1 American cent coin. The US penny was sent in over 7,000 times by customers of Leftover Currency.2 cents Euro coin

Seventh place: 2 cents Euro coin

Also sent in over 7,000 times for exchange was the small copper plated 2 eurocents coin.2 Euros coin

Eight place: 2 Euros coin

The most valuable of the Euro coins, the 2 euros coin, was sent in for exchange over 5,000 times in January 2017, making it the 8th most popular item sent in at Leftover Currency.1 cent Euro coin

Ninth place: 1 cent Euro coin

The 1 euro cent piece is the least exchanged of the Euro coins, but it’s still popular enough to be in the top-10. All Euro coins are in the top-10 of most exchanged items at Leftover Currency in January 2017.25 Cents coin United States Dollar (quarter)

Tenth place: American dollar quarter

The 25 cents United States quarter completes the top-10 of most exchanged items in January 2017 at Leftover Currency. It was exchanged over 4,000 times.There were no banknotes in the top-10. The most exchanged banknote in January 2017 was the 1 American dollar bill on position 14. The most popular item exchanged not belonging to Euros or US dollars was the Swiss 10 rappen coin on position 12.


Mario Van Poppel

Mario Van Poppel is the founder and director of Leftover Currency. What started as a hobby, collecting world banknotes, evolved into a fulltime job, running a successful online bureau de change. Mario is still a collector of pre-Euro banknotes and a member of the IBNS.