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5 Facts About the Spanish Peseta That You Didn’t Know

- Published on 26th February 2024

Are you interested in historical currency and learning more about how different nations and countries developed their independence through curating unique currencies and economy-boosting activities? Then you’re lucky because today’s blog is about the Spanish Peseta. Despite falling out of circulation in 2002 when the Euro replaced it, the Spanish Peseta remains one of the … Continued

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Malawian Kwacha

- Published on 26th February 2024

If an overseas currency is something that you’re interested in, then keep reading because, in this blog, we’re talking all about the official currency of the African nation, Malawi. Named the Malawian Kwacha, operating under the currency code MWK, the Kwacha was brought into Malawi in 1971 to replace the Malawian pound, modelling itself on … Continued

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Cash in on Your Leftover Currency and Spare Coins

You, like many people, might have some leftover foreign coins and banknotes, tucked away somewhere in a drawer. Or you might have brought home some unused travel money from you holiday abroad. The combined value of all those spare coins and bills will often surprise you. Why not convert your unused foreign coins and notes to valid cash.

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