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100,000 Croatian dinara banknote

What is the value of a 100,000 Republika Hrvatska banknote?

What is the value of Hrvatskih Dinara banknotes from Croatia? Is it true that the Republika Hrvatska bills of 50,000 and 100,000 are worth a lot of money?

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one million dollar bill

One Million Dollar bill – novelty US banknotes

Is there such a thing as a one million dollar US banknote? What is its value: Is it really worth $1 Million dollars? How do you spot if it's real or fake? These are some questions we received at Leftover Currency. Here are the answers ...

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500 fils coin Bahrain

500 Fils coin from Bahrain – discontinued

The 500 fils coin from the state of Bahrain was discontinued in 2011, following the Bahraini uprising. The reason why the 500 fils coin was cancelled had to do with the monument featured on the back side of the bimetallic 500 fils piece: the Pearl Monument...

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