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Five reasons why banks and bureaux don't exchange foreign coins

5 Reasons why other Bureaux don’t exchange foreign coins

At Leftover Currency we accept foreign coins for exchange. You may have wondered why other bureaux de change are keen to exchange foreign banknotes, but won’t accept foreign coins. These five reasons explain why ...

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1000 mark Reichsbanknote 1910

What is the value of a 1000 Mark Reichsbanknote from 1910?

On several occasions customers have asked about the value of their 1000 Mark Reichsbanknote dated 21 April 1910, issued in Berlin. Is it exchangeable at all? And is it worth over £300 pounds? Let us explain ...

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leftover stamps

Leftover stamps? We love them!

On a few occasions we got the opportunity to buy some leftover stamps from our customers. We use quite a lot of stamps, mostly for sending out cheques. Those old leftover stamps certainly add some extra cachet to the envelope ...

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