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Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update Leftover Currency

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is ongoing in the United Kingdom. The British government has taken measures to contain and delay the spread of the infectious disease. Businesses in the UK remain open and staff members continue to attend work as normal. People with symptoms are asked to self-isolate. Where possible, staff members are encouraged to work from home.

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Peruvian Intis banknotes

I have Peruvian Intis. What’s their value?

Did you find some Peruvian Inti banknotes? Are you wondering what they are worth? Discover the value of your old paper money from Peru either Peruvian Intis or Soles de Oro, and find out what's so special about the notes of 100 Intis and 1000 Intis.

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countries in the Eurozone

Will more countries join the Eurozone?

Find out which countries will join the Eurozone in the next few years, and which countries are unlikely to ever join the Euro. Are there countries that may be leaving the Euro? And how likely is it that the European Union's single currency will collapse?

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