Aruban Florin

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The Aruban florin, with currency code AWG, is the national currency of Aruba, in the south of the Caribbean Sea.

Historically, Aruba’s economy utilised a diverse array of currencies, including but not limited to the British pound and the Dutch guilder.

In a significant move in 1986, Aruba launched the florin as its own currency, moving away on from the Netherlands Antillean guilder.

This introduced a new era for the island’s currency system.
Aruba’s florin captivates with its striking, colourful designs and robust security measures, embodying the island’s rich cultural tapestry and stunning landscapes.

The Aruban Florin is not a major currency and often difficult to exchange outside of the Caribbean. However at Leftover Currency you can easily exchange your current Aruban Florin banknotes.