Indonesian Rupiah

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The Indonesian Rupiah is the national currency of the Republic of Indonesia. Introduced in 1946 during Indonesia’s struggle for independence from the Netherlands, the Rupiah has been revalued several times, following periods of hyperinflation. The latest revaluation of the Rupiah was in 1965, when 1000 old Rupiah became 1 new Rupiah.

Indonesian banknotes are issued by the Jakarta-based Bank Indonesia in denominations from Rp 1,000 to Rp 100,000. Indonesian coins in circulation are from Rs 50 to Rp 1,000.

To convert your Indonesian Rupiah to cash, select the type of Rupiah you want to exchange. We exchange both current Indonesian Rupiah banknotes, as well as older series Indonesian Rupiah banknotes and Indonesian Rupiah coins.