current Bolivian Bolivianos banknotes

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At present there are two series of Bolivian Bolivianos banknotes circulating along side each other: the 1986 banknotes and the 2018 ones. The denominations in use are Bs10, Bs20, Bs50, Bs100 and Bs200.

The 1986 banknotes are those that were introduced in 1987 when the Boliviano became Bolivia’s national currency, replacing the Bolivian Peso. A newer version of these notes was issued in 2001, which added extra security features such as a security strip).

The newest set of Bolivian Boliviano banknotes was issued by the La-Paz based Central Bank of Bolivia in 2018. These BOB banknotes, showcase fresh designs that pay homage to Bolivia’s rich cultural and historical legacy. Each denomination boasts a unique design and has its own distinctive colour palette.

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