Brazil 5 Centavos coin

The Casa da Moeda do Brasil issued Brazilian Real coins in 6 different denominations, including this Brazil 5 Centavos coin. They are part of the Brazilian Real and Centavos coins series. The Casa da Moeda do Brasil started issuing these 0.05 Brazilian Real coins in 1998. They are currently still in circulation.

The copper-plated steel 5 centavos coin features the revolutionary Tiradentes, whose real name is Joaquim José da Silva Xavier. Tiradentes led the Inconfidência Mineira, an unsuccessful early Brazilian independence movement. In 1792, Tiradentes was hanged for his insurgency by the Portugese colonial authorities. The anniversary of his death has been a national holiday in Brazil since 1889, when the independent Republic of Brazil was established. The coin of 5 centavos has the same value as 0.05 reais.

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