current Czech Koruna banknotes

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Issued by the Prague-based Czech National Bank since 2007, the koruna bills used in Czechia today have a wide color-shifting windowed security thread. They replace the withdrawn versions of Czech Koruna banknotes that have similar designs but a thin security thread. The older style CZK banknotes with a thin metallic security thread ceased to be legal tender in the Czech Republic from July 2022.

All Czech Koruna banknotes feature an important person from Czechia’s rich cultural and political history. Banknotes in circulation range from 100 Kč to 5000 Kč.

In addition to the wide security thread, all current koruna banknotes have a symbol on the lower right of the reverse side. These symbols have a connection with the person featured on the banknote. The symbols are not present on the first issue banknotes of 1993.

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