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Exchange Euro Coins

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1 EUR = 0.62301 GBP


Did you bring home some Euro coins from your trip to a Eurozone country? Exchange leftover Euro coins for cash: pounds or dollars. It's quick and easy. All Euro coins shown below are accepted for exchange on leftovercurrency.com, free of charge.

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Current Eurozone coins, in circulation

eurozone2euroEURcoin eurozone1euroEURcoin eurozone50eurocentEURcoin eurozone20eurocentEURcoin

2 euros coin

1 euro coin

50 euro cents (0.50 EUR)

20 euro cents (0.20 EUR)

eurozone10eurocentEURcoin eurozone5eurocentEURcoin eurozone2eurocentscoin eurozone1eurocentcoin

10 euro cents (0.10 EUR)

5 euro cents (0.05 EUR)

2 euro cents (0.02 EUR)

1 euro cent (0.01 EUR)


  • Banks, exchange offices and bureaux de change outside of the Eurozone will typically not accept Euro coins for exchange. Exchange transactions are generally limited to banknotes.
  • 1 and 2 euro cent coins are not accepted for payment in certain Eurozone countries: Finland and the Netherlands follow the principle of Swedish rounding: prices are rounded to the nearest 0.05 €. In Finland 1 and 2 cents are no longer issued and have been withdrawn from circulation.
  • If you have Euro coins like the ones pictured above, exchange them using our quick and easy online exchange service.
  • All euro coins shown on this page are accepted for exchange. The year of minting, the eurozone country of issue or the design on the backside are of no importance. All commemorative euro coins are also accepted for exchange, no matter their denomination
  • To exchange your leftover euro coins: Fill out our exchange form

To exchange your Euro banknotes click here


Exchange your leftover Euro coins:
we convert your foreign spare change into valid funds


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Can I also exchange Euro notes?

Yes, go to the Euro notes page

Other frequently asked questions

Exchange leftover euro coins for cash: Pound Sterling or US Dollars

Euro coins that we accept for exchange

  • coins 2 euros (2 EUR) €2
  • coins 1 euro (1 EUR) €1
  • coins 50 eurocents (0.50 EUR) €0.50
  • coins 20 eurocents (0.20 EUR) €0.20
  • coins 10 eurocents (0.10 EUR) €0.10
  • coins 5 eurocents (0.05 EUR) € 0.05
  • coins 2 eurocents (0.02 EUR) € 0.02
  • coins 1 eurocents (0.01 EUR) € 0.01
  • commemorative euro coins
  • euro gold and silver commemorative coins
  • EURO coins and EURO Cent coins
  • European Union Eurozone coins
  • two-toned bimetallic coins of 1 and 2 euro
  • Nordic gold eurocent coins of 10, 20, 50 cents
  • copper-coated steal coins of 5 cents,
    2 cents and 1 cent
  • eurozone coins managed by the European Central Bank (ECB)


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Do you have some unspent Euro coins, left over money from a trip to a eurozone country? Would you like to exchange your European loose change for cash you can use at home: pounds or dollars?

Converting leftover holiday coins like Euros, is easy on leftovercurrency.com. Just fill out an exchange form and send it, along with your leftover coins or banknotes, to leftovercurrency.com. We help you exchange your loose change and foreign leftover currency from both in and outside the euro zone into valid cash.

Exchange your leftover foreign coins and currency from France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland and all other eurozone countries for valid funds on leftovercurrency.com. We also exchange many different currencies from outside the eurozone. Discontinued banknotes and coins no longer in circulation can still be converted free of charge. Exchange also coins and banknotes that were replaced by the euro like Deutschmarks, Belgian Francs, Austrian Schillings and many more pre-euro obsolete currencies.

Discover the currencies for which you can redeem expired, old or obsolete banknotes and leftover coins

Read reviews from people who exchanged their old leftover currency for valid funds

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