Belgian Franc coins

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Issued by the Brussels-based Royal Mint of Belgium, these coins were in use in Belgium until 2001, when the country adopted the Euro as its national currency.

Belgian franc coins in circulation in 2001 were 50fr, 20fr, 5fr, 1fr and 50 centimes. In addition there were commemorative coins of 500fr, 250fr and 100fr, although these were not in general circulation. The text on the Belgian coins is either in French (franc) or in Dutch (frank), both versions circulated alongside each other.

All Belgian Franc coins lost their value at the end of 2004, when the 3-year exchange deadline for Belgian metal money ended. However at Leftover Currency we have restarted the exchange of Belgian Franc coins, for a value that covers their numismatic collector’s value. That way we allow anyone with old Belgian coins to convert their leftover loose change from Belgium to cash.

In addition to Belgian Franc coins, we also exchange post-1945 Belgian Franc banknotes, pre-1945 Belgian Franc banknotes as well as 50Fr and 20Fr banknotes issued by the Treasury.

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