Peruvian Sol coins

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Coins from 5 soles to 5 céntavos are currently accepted as a means of payment in the Latin American country of Peru. The céntimo is the subunit of the Peruvian sol: 100 céntimos are the equivalent of 1 sol, the Spanish word for ‘sun’.

Peruvian Sol coins are issued by the Lima-based Banco Central de Reserva del Perú. All current sol coins have Peru’s coat of arms on the back side, featuring Peru’s national animal the vicuña (a wild ancestor of domesticated alpacas), a cinchona tree and the cornucopia (horn of plenty) with coins spilling from it. This makes the Peruvian coins unique because they are the only coins in the world containing an image of coins.

In addition to Peruvian Sol coins we also exchange Peruvian Sol current banknotes, withdrawn Peruvian Sol banknotesdemonetized Peruvian Inti banknotes (1985-1991) and demonetized Peruvian Soles de Oro banknotes (1863-1985).

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