demonetized Peruvian Inti banknotes

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The Peruvian Inti was Peru’s national currency from 1985 to 1991. During this time, Peru went through a period of hyperinflation. Prices went up to such an extent that banknotes of 5 Million Intis were printed in 1991, where until 1986 the 1000 Intis banknote was the highest denomination.

The Peruvian Inti was replaced by the Nuevo Sol in 1991, at a rate of 1 Million Intis to 1 Nuevo Sol. Regarding the value of Peruvian Intis: Peruvian Intis have no monetary value. We buy your leftover Peruvian Inti banknotes for the limited collectable value they have.

In addition to Peruvian Inti banknotes, we also exchange demonetized Soles de Oro banknotes (1863-1985)current Peruvian Soles banknotes, Peruvian coins and the older series withdrawn Peruvian Nuevos Soles banknotes.

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