500 Euros banknote (First series)

The European Central Bank issued Euro banknotes in 1 different denominations, including this 500 Euros banknote (First series). They are part of the Eurozone discontinued 500 Euro banknotes series. The European Central Bank started issuing these 500 Euro banknotes in 2002. They were withdrawn from circulation in 2019.

This highest denomination Euro banknote measures 160mm by 82mm. Printed on the paper note is the text ‘EYPO’. The architectural style depicted on the five hundred euro banknote is Modernist 20th Century. The ECB has decided to withdraw the 500 euro banknote, nicknamed ‘Bin Laden’, from circulation. Since April 2019 the purple colored €500 notes are no longer issued. The banknotes can still be used and are legal tender until further notice. In practice many shops and gas/service stations in the Eurozone will refuse to accept 500 euro banknotes.

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