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collection of old Romanian Lei banknotes that can be exchanged

exchange Romanian Lei banknotes

1 RON = 0.13892 GBP


payout currency

10000 ROL = 0.10419 GBP


Did you find some polymer Romanian Lei banknotes? Convert your leftover Romanian Leu currency to valid cash: Its quick and easy. We exchange all banknotes displayed below, free of charge. We exchange both the new and the old Leu.

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Withdrawn Romanian Lei (ROL) banknotes, no longer in circulation

ROL banknotes Banca Nationala A Romaniei

PLEASE NOTE: we can only accept polymer Romanian Lei banknotes for conversion. Paper Romanian Lei banknotes cannot be exchanged.

  • The polymer banknotes shown above are no longer a valid means of payment in Romania: they were withdrawn in 2005.
  • The Romanian Old Leu was devalued in 2005: 10,000 old Lei became 1 New Leu. (Lei is the plural of Leu)
  • Banknotes affect by the devaluation are those of 10,000, 50,000, 100,000, 500,000 and 1,000,000 Romanian Lei.
  • Neither bancs, nor bureaux de change will accept them for exchange. We however still do.
  • You can't pay with these old Romanian Leu banknotes in Romania, since they are no longer a valid means of payment.
  • If you have outdated old Romanian Leu like these, exchange them using our quick and easy online exchange service.
  • We do no accept the polymer 2000 Lei banknote for exchange (Solar eclipse of 11 August 1999)
  • To exchange your old discontinued ROL Romanian Lei polymer banknotes: Fill out our exchange form
RON banknotes Romanian Lei

Current Romanian Leu (RON) banknote series, in circulation

  • The notes pictured above are still a valid means of payment in Romania.
  • You can exchange these Romanian Leu banknotes at your bank or in a bureaux de change - currency exchange office
  • You can also exchange them using our online leftover currency exchange service, free of charge.
  • To exchange your Romanian Leu bank notes: Fill out our exchange form

Exchange your leftover Romanian Lei:
we convert your old expired banknotes into valid funds


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Can I also exchange Romanian Leu coins?

Can I also exchange Romanian Leu banknotes not shown on this page?

Other frequently asked questions

Our exchange services for ROL and RON

  • we exchange both old expired ROL banknotes and current RON Romanian Lei banknotes.
  • All Romanian Lei notes in the images can be exchanged.
  • convert your RON and ROL to a currency of your choice: GBP, EUR or USD

Romanian Leu banknotes valid for conversion:

  • 1 Romanian Leu banknote (1 RON)
  • 5 Romanian Lei banknote (5 RON)
  • 10 Romanian Lei banknote (10 RON)
  • 50 Romanian Lei banknote (50 RON)
  • 100 Romanian Lei banknote (100 RON)
  • 200 Romanian Lei banknote (200 RON)
  • 500 Romanian Lei banknote (500 RON)
  • 10,000L Romanian Lei banknote (10000 ROL)
  • 50,000L Romanian Lei banknote (50000 ROL)
  • 100,000L Romanian Lei banknote (100000 ROL)
  • 500,000L Romanian Lei banknote (500000 ROL)
  • 1,000,000L Romanian Lei banknote (1 million ROL)
  • Banca Nationala A Romaniei, Bukarest
  • polymer plastic Leu banknote Romania, withdrawn
  • old Romanian Leu ROL preceding new Leu RON
  • new Romanian Lei, circulating polymer money
  • convert withdrawn Romanian Leu paper money ROL
  • Leu Romanesc money, exchange outdated Leu
  • National Bank of Romania banknotes, withdrawal
  • Lei polymer banknotes Third series (third Leu)
  • Lei polymer banknotes Fourth series (fourth Leu)
  • Moneda Romania, Banca Republicii Populare Romane
  • zece mil lei, cincizeci mil lei, una suta mil lei
  • cinci suta mil lei, un million lei, MII, mll
  • Romanian Lei polymer notes out of circulation

Exchange Romanian Leu currency for dollars, pounds or Euros

Did you stumble upon some old phased-out polymer Romanian Lei banknotes? Would you like to exchange your invalid Romanian Lei polymer money bills from Romania for cash in a valid currency: Euros, pounds or dollars?

Get paid for your leftover polymer Romanian Lei, either withdrawn or circulating. Converting your expired invalid banknotes is easy on leftovercurrency.com. Just fill out an exchange form and send it, along with your old invalid Leu bank notes and coins, to leftovercurrency.com. We help you exchange your obsolete romanian currency into valid cash. Furthermore, we also accept your new Romanian Leu banknotes for exchange.

Exchange your leftover foreign banknotes and coins from Romania and more than 35 other countries for valid funds on leftovercurrency.com. Banknotes or coins no longer in circulation (discontinued) can still be converted free of charge. Exchange your phased out Romanian Lei, Slovenian Tolars, Italian Lira, Hungaric Forints, Deutsche Marks and many more world currencies, from both in and outside the euro-zone.

Text and people on the Romanian notes:

  • un leu, cinci lei, zece lei, cincizeci lei, una suta lei, doua sute lei, cinci sute lei
  • ban, bani, lei, leu, lew, lev
  • depicted on Romanian banknotes: Mihai Eminescu, Lucian Blaga, Ion Luca Caragiale, Nicolas Iorga, George Enescu, Nicolae Grigorescu, Aurel Vlaicu

10,000 Old Romanian Lei became 1 New Leu
50,000 Old Romanian Lei became 5 New Lei
100,000 Old Romanian Lei became 10 New Lei
500,000 Old Romanian Lei became 50 New Lei
1,000,000 Old Romanian Lei became 100 New Lei

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