1000 Algerian Dinars banknote (type 1992)

The Bank of Algeria issued Algarian Dinar banknotes in 6 different denominations, including this 1000 Algerian Dinars banknote (type 1992). They are part of the current Algerian Dinar banknotes series. The Bank of Algeria started issuing these 1000 Algarian Dinar banknotes in 1992. They are currently still in circulation.

The 1000 dinars banknote features Algeria’s national parks and prehistoric cave paintings. On the front side are the cave paintings of Tassili n’Ajjer national park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, showing antilopes and a bubalina (type of buffalo). The back side of the 1000 DZD bill shows rock formations of the Hoggar Mountains, where 8000 year old cave paintings were found. A cave painting of an antilope is shown on the left hand side.

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