50 Mexican Pesos banknote (Series D)

The Banco de Mexico issued Mexican Peso banknotes in 8 different denominations, including this 50 Mexican Pesos banknote (Series D). They are part of the withdrawn Mexican Peso banknotes series. The Banco de Mexico started issuing these 50 Mexican Peso banknotes in 1994. They were withdrawn from circulation in 2002.

Early versions of this 50 Mexican peso note had the text ‘Nuevos Pesos’, but those issued from the mid 1990’s dropped the ‘Nuevos’ as the currency reverted back to being called the peso. The cincuenta pesos note depicts José María Morelos, a Roman Catholic priest who became the leader in the war for independence, and was declared Mexico’s first President in 1814, despite the fighting with Spain continuing. Just 13 months after becoming President of the rebel state, he was captured and executed by the Spanish military.

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