100 Dutch Guilders banknote (Geldzuivering)

The Nederlandsche Bank issued Dutch Guilder banknotes in 11 different denominations, including this 100 Dutch Guilders banknote (Geldzuivering). They are part of the Dutch Guilder banknotes series. The Nederlandsche Bank started issuing these 100 Dutch Guilder banknotes in 1945. They were withdrawn from circulation in 1947.

This banknote of 100 gulden, dated 7 May 1945, was issued shortly after the liberation of the Netherlands from the occupying German forces, at the end of World War II. All citizens were obliged to exchange their occupation money for the newly issued banknotes and limits per person applied. The name of this banknote is ‘Geldzuivering’ which means ‘Money purge’, because the goal was to purge the nation of money issued by the German occupying forces.

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